Toffeln AktivKlog (0230)

Size: 2
Color: Purple
Sale price$70.00



The AktivKlog is one of our best selling products and for good reason! These revolutionary AktivKlogs are lightweight, flexible, and provide all-day comfort, making them perfect work clogs for nurses, doctors and hospital workers.

As a nurse or doctor, with being on your feet all day, it's essential to have lightweight, comfortable & slip-resistant clogs. This super-lightweight hospital clog range takes our advanced clog heritage and raises the bar, with a higher closed-in heel, enhanced vents, Grip-Safe® sole intelligence and removable insole.

A refreshingly ergonomic design created in collaboration with biomechanics researchers from the University of Salford. With these cutting-edge nursing clogs, you’ll be able to focus on your day-to-day activities rather than worrying about any workplace mishaps.

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