Pursuit Outdoor Trip Kit

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in Strasbourg Bag

Compact sports kit.
Content specific for outdoor activities.
High-vis bright orange carry bag.
Content caters for typical injuries.

The most compact in our range of sports bags, thoughtfully designed to offer a multitude of features. With internal and adjustable dividers, internal, external and side pockets, adjustable shoulder and belt straps, carry handle, safety clasps and even the addition of a handy and secure key holder, every feature makes this bag a very practical choice.


1 Bandage, Crepe 5cm x 4m
1 Bandage, Triangular
1 Bottle, Sports Drink
1 Compass
1 Dressing, Adherent 5cm x 7.5cm
1 Dressing, Adherent 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 Dressing, Eye Pad
1 Dressing, HSE Large 18cm x 18cm
1 Dressing, HSE Medium 12cm x 12cm
8 Foil Blankets, Adult
1 Forceps, Splinter 4.5″
2 Gloves, Pair
1 Guidance Leaflet
1 Ice Pack, Instant
1 Pen Torch, Reusable
5 Plasters, Hydrocolloid Blister
20 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
1 Resuscitation Face Shield
1 Sack, Clinical Waste 42cm x 66cm
1 Shears
2 Vomit Bags
1 Whistle
6 Wipes, Cleansing