Gammex Powder Free Sensitive Sterile Glove

Gammex Powder Free Sensitive Sterile Glove (100)

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25 pairs per box, 4 boxes per carton.


Ultimate sensitivity with a sure grip The Gammex® PF Sensitive™ glove is 25% thinner than a standard surgical latex glove such as the Gammex® PF. This results in a highly superior level of tactile sensitivity allowing most accurate manipulation of delicate instruments. The glove’s textured surface is designed to provide a sure and precise grip even during the most delicate procedures in both wet and dry conditions.Exceptional latex comfort and ease of use Because of its very thin latex formulation and Ansell’s great attention to every aspect of design, the Gammex® PF Sensitive™ glove feels like a second skin. It offers among other qualities comfort, elasticity and sensitivity, features the Gammex® range is renowned for. Moreover, the adhesive band at the top of the cuff maintains good contact with the surgical gown preventing the glove from rolling down, while its brown colour reduces the adverse effect of reflections from the strong light sources used in microsurgical procedures. In addition, chlorination treatment inside the glove makes it easy to don in dry conditions.Low allergenicity Users of Ansell Gammex® PF Sensitive™ benefit from reduced risk of latex sensitisation. This is ensured through leaching processes and post-production washing cycles, such as Ansell’s Protein and Endogenous Allergen Reduction Leaching (P.E.A.R.L) technology. HPLC and Modified Lowry methods are used to measure protein content. Additionally, the manufacturing process is designed to reduce chemical residues to the minimum. Safety Safety is assured through quality controls before, during and after final packaging, guaranteeing a low risk of pinholes and high barrier protection.

Good tear resistance and very favourable strength-to-thickness ratio provide an assured protective barrier. Strong resistance to viral penetration is verified by extensive bacteriophage test results Greater patient protection, based on close monitoring of pyrogen and endotoxin levels (biocompatibility test as per ISO 10993). Low particle levels result from limited residual production-based powder (releasing agent). Easy shelf identification, plus links to manufacturing data supported by lot numbers.