Dependaplast Blue Advanced Hydrogel Burn Plasters

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in Large Orange/Orange Compact Aura Box

Can be purchased individually or as part of the Spectra Burn System.

Latest in burn dressing technology.
Cooling gel allows the wound to heal faster.
Reduces risk of scarring.
Blue for food hygiene regulations.
Protects minor burns.
Individually Packed.

Hydrogel Burn Plasters provide moist cooling that protects minor burns and scalds without adhering to the wound. The plaster covers the nerve endings and relieves the pain. The cooling gel provides a protective environment for the burn, allowing the wound to heal faster. Compact aura boxes are reliable and robust, with the colour-coded clips to keep the box tightly shut, creating a dustproof, and water-resistant location to store materials.


10   11cm x 6.8cm

15   6.8cm x 4.3cm