Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves

Cyraguard Premium Latex Gloves Pk100

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 100 Gloves per Carton 


Heavy Gauge Latex Gloves

Cyraguard® Premium gloves deliver outstanding performance in the critical areas of barrier protection, grip, comfort, sensitivity of touch, tactility and feel. The gold standard for medical examinations, they are manufactured from heavy gauge latex and stringently tested to ensure the highest level of quality, every time.


  • Heavyweight construction - high grade latex provides maximum sensitivity
  • Ultimate stretch - for the ultimate in comfort and fit
  • Very high durability - for tear and puncture resistance
  • Ultimate biological resistance - for the best protection
  • Ultimate grip - micro textured and grips even when wet
  • Easy donning - for speed and convenience
  • Advanced manufacturing - minimises free natural rubber latex proteins
  • Powder free - convenience & reduced natural rubber latex allergy risk
  • Contains natural rubber latex
  • Food contact approved - safe for use with all food types
  • Colour - cream

    Cyraguard® Premium is a very high quality latex glove, offering the highest comfort, highest sensitivity, highest dexterity and highest grip of all the Readigloves® range. In addition, its microbiological barrier performance is extremely high, though its chemical resistance is generally low. The advanced production process reduces free natural rubber latex proteins to an absolute minimum, though if you have a known latex allergy, we recommend you choose a nitrile glove from the Nytraguard® range.