Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves

Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves Pk100

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100 Gloves per box.

High Dexterity Latex Gloves

Cyraguard® Essentials is a regular gauge latex glove, for increased sensitivity of touch and comfort. Stringently tested and approved for medical examinations, this versatile glove offers a lower cost latex glove for a wide range of clinical and general purpose tasks.


  • Regular construction - provides the ultimate in sensitivity
  • Ultimate stretch - for the ultimate in comfort and fit
  • Medium durability - for tear and puncture resistance
  • Maximum biological resistance - for best protection
  • High grip - naturally grippy material
  • Easy donning - for speed and convenience
  • Advanced manufacturing - minimises free natural rubber latex proteins
  • Powder free - convenience & reduced natural rubber latex allergy risk
  • Contains natural rubber latex
  • Food contact approved - safe for use with all food types
  • Colour - cream

Cyraguard® Essentials is a high quality latex glove offering the highest comfort, highest sensitivity and highest dexterity of all the Readigloves® range. It offers very good microbiological barrier performance though limited chemical resistance. The advanced production process reduces free latex proteins to an absolute minimum, though if you have a known natural rubber latex allergy we recommend you choose a nitrile glove from the Nytraguard® range. The Cyraguard® Essentials glove is a lighter duty and a thinner gauge than Cyraguard® Premium, but is offered at a lower cost.