Redcap™ Chemical Splash Station

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Eye Wash & Skin Flush for Acid and Alkali Splashes Phosphate Buffer Solution

• Reduced flushing time
• Reduced volume of fluid
• Reduced patient discomfort
• Reduced risk to first aider

Redcap™ Phosphate Buffer Solution has a neutralising effect which significantly reduces the flushing time and the volume of fluid required to dilute and neutralise acid and alkali splashes*.

Dual-purpose, HSE compliant eye wash station.  Wipeable, hard-wearing ABS plastic with luminous printed instructions; effective for locating the station during a power cut. Dustproof heavy-duty cover keeps contents clean. Central mirror makes application easy. Contains easy-to-squeeze bottles with integrated eye bath, allowing the eye to be irrigated easily and efficiently.

2 Dressings, Eye Pad
2 Eye Wash Redcap™, Bottles 500ml
5 Eye Wash, Pods 20ml
1 Mirror

* It is recommended to continue flushing with water or saline eye wash until medical help arrives.